Why do I advertise?

I have some limited spaces on my website – namely some banners on the NSX Compendium and some squares along the sidebar. These are here to cover the cost of hosting the website and keep me producing content.

Audience and Reach

Currently NetworkInferno sees an average of 25,000 impressions per month from Network Engineers, Architects and virtualization administrators. This cross-section of the community has a vast technology base across many vendors.

25,000 impressions per month from 14,500 uniques.

  • 65% of readers are from Search Engineers
  • 25% of readers are regular readers
  • 10% of readers are directed from other websites or blogs

Why do I choose BuySellAds?

I have found through many people in my community that BuySellAds(BSA)  are an easy method of advertisement for many people selling ads. It has analytics and knowledge of the site and presents this back. It also automates the selling of ads which takes the hassle out of the commercial side of advertising. Self service ads that make it easy for buyer and seller.

If you want to talk about impression based packages over time based feel free to reach out.

What does the money used get put towards?

The money raised by the website will be used to cover hosting costs (which are ever-increasing), maintain my lab at home which requires nurturing and investment into new equipment which in turn brings about more blog posts.

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