Remember your Technical Integrity

It has been an interesting week on the Twitter. Having been fed up with the recent FUD storms of late (ACI/NSX and Nutanix/VMware) I spat this tweet out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.47.03 pm

I pushed this tweet out as a reminder to friends. This blog is something that 140 characters cannot express.

Technical integrity is something that solely sticks with you. It makes up part of you, your online and real world personas AND what people perceive. I am pretty proud to say whilst working for an aforementioned vendor I have been able to stay true to a tenant of my own. Technical integrity transcends any technology. Knowing what you can do, deferring to betters or others who can do things suited to the customer are part this. Being in technical pre-sales for me this is very important. I am sure the sales guys can sell the business the dream but set the reality and the technical expectations. This doesn’t look like Powerpoint anymore Toto. This is especially important as people speak. Our world is connected more than ever. Both digitally and within geographies. I work in Melbourne, Australia and the IT market is connected. Socially people are cross pollinated. If you say you can do something you better deliver otherwise people will hear about it. Your technical reputation would take a hit. This also has an impact on your career.

Career is an interesting point. You’re your career. Your career is far more important than any one technology or solutions. The career is what will provide for you and your loved ones for many decades. The plan is that you hopefully work doing something you enjoy and forge your professional reputation based on the quality of your work. Spinning FUD and promulgating mistrust is something that can erode the value of your position. It can also make you un-hireable having very opinionated views and stubbornness (right or wrong) from a perception of you real life due to an online persona or facade.

This doesn’t apply to those people who don’t care. They will sell the vision, the dream, no matter the technical deficiencies. Those people probably don’t read blogs.

So if you read this and I am in your meeting know that my technical integrity is on the line with everything I saw and do. I am not going to risk that for anything.

VIRL update 0.9.17

I was a bit slow on this one. I have been very busy of late. VIRL have updated with a feature release. 0.9.17 is an in place upgrade. There is a lot of focus on stability. There is also a version update to NX-OS, IOSv, IOSXRv and CSR1000v. An in place upgraded is recommended.

Big Features

I have outlined the big features to me. If you want to see the full update of features check this link out.

Multipoint connector replaced by “Unmanaged Switch” – This is great. This allows a simplified view of a switch opposed to using a Multipoint connector. At the moment there is no L2IOS (Which is coming) so this is mostly cosmetic. Importing old topologies into an updated platforms will result in a topology needs to be updated and this occurs when prompted on topology load.

LXC Jumphosts – Jumping on the container bandwagon, VIRL provides LXC jump hosts for basic ssh gateway functions. This allows simplified management aggregation point and can be spun up inside the FLAT network or a private simulation network.

Updated Visualisation engine – The 3D modelling engine is pretty cool. Allows very quick topologies to be generated. If you’re keeping a live VIRL replication of your production or customer environments you can quickly spin up some neat documentation on topologies, routing domains and connectivity models.

Awesome update. A little painful to perform (due mostly to noisy Linux servers on the day) but quite easy if you follow the steps. Well done Joel and team VIRL!.