Non Cisco Emergency GBIC/SFP’s

Today saw me in a spot where I had a dead Fiber SFP. You guessed it. 3750 chassis. Well I only had a few laying around and some were Linksys and one was stripped of stickers.

Needing this link back up whilst I waited for a new one I plugged in a non-Cisco SFP. Behold the error.

All SFP/GBIC’s contained burnt in Hardware ID, Vendor Name, Serial and CRC. The following command which is undocumented allows to bypass this error and brings up the interface!

Voila! There you go. Quick fix. Just note that when you issue a Show Tech for TAC, it will reveal that you have suppressed this message and that you have overridden support of Cisco Only SFP/GBICs. That means no help!


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  • panda

    dosent work what else i need to do

    • Anthony Burke

      Then your SFP may not be compatible. The fix only works if your port is getting the err-disable message about an Invalid GBIC adapter.