What’s new in PowerNSX lately?

Hello fellow users of PowerNSX. It’s Anthony from the PowerNSX team and here are some of the recent updates in PowerNSX.
The list below does not include all of the changes. Some of the bigger ones are called out below.

SSO User Accounts [#175]
* Leverage SSO user accounts with PowerNSX
* No longer require ‘admin’ access to NSX
* Changes in Connect-NsxServer cmdlet

Universal Logical Routers [#218]
* Create Universal Logical Routers as part of a xVC deployment
* Configure local egress on deployment

Universal Logical Switch
* Create Universal Logical Switches with the -Universal switch
* Uses existing command

Universal Service Group & Inheritance [#219]
* Create Service Groups that can be universal
* Create Service Groups that can be inherited
* Uses existing command

Universal Segment Range [#222]
* Define a Universal Segement range for Universal Logical Switches
* Uses existing command

One from our community was from Sjors Robroek.

Universal Objects [#214]
* Now it is possible to create Universal Security Tags for use with xVC NSX
* Create / Attach / Remove / Delete operations
* Uses existing command

Check out the master branch where all the goodies are currently hiding. Do note that the Master branch is considered developmental. Expect v2.1 to be out soon!

Powershell for Network Engineers

The ever wonderful Ivan Pepelnjak over at ipspace.net asked me back in December to join him for a Webinar on PowerNSX. Given that he was hosting a two part series on ‘Powershell for Network Engineers’ this was pretty great.

As a part of this I am presenting to the audience on PowerNSX! I will also have the wizard Nick Bradford, author of PowerNSX, joining for expert commentary.

So what do you have to lose? It is FREE and you get access to materials afterwards. Be sure to come and see how to use PowerNSX to automate administrative tasks such as

  • Getting comfortable with PowerCLI/PowerNSX
  • Deploying new logical elements
  • Documentation via Visio
  • and other cool examples

I would love to see you there. To find out more Here is the extract from his site.

PowerShell is a very popular scripting and automation language, particularly in environments heavily using Windows Server products. Years ago, virtualization vendors like VMware introduced PowerShell extensions (cmdlets) to give Windows administrators easy access to vSphere API/automation functionality.

Similar extensions are available for Cisco UCS products and VMware NSX; you can also use PowerShell to configure, manage, operate, or automate any device with REST API interface, for example Cisco Nexus switches, Arista data center switches, or Juniper devices.

The PowerShell for Networking Engineers webinar describes the basics of PowerShell (to help you understand the rest of the webinar if you have no prior PowerShell experience) and then focuses on a number of use cases:

Configuring Cisco UCS with UCS PowerTool Suite
Configuring Cisco Nexus and MDS switches, Cisco IOS XE devices and Cisco ASA with REST API
Configuring VMware NSX with PowerNSX.

The webinar will be delivered in two live sessions:

First session on February 13th 2017 will focus on Cisco devices. This session will also include the basics of PowerShell; Second session on February 23rd will describe PowerNSX.

See you then!

Sign up here PowerShell for Networking Engineers – ipSpace.net by @ioshints