Felix Alexander Burke

There are points in all our lives that define us. They can be personal or professional. They can be large or small. I had a very large and personal point in my life occur during the week. I welcomed my firstborn son to the world. Felix Alexander Burke came into the world on Thursday the 14th of August at 1:26pm. He weighed 5 pound 15 (2.7kg) and he is doing well. Mum and a Dad are doing well and learning the joys of parenthood. It is pretty amazing how instinctive it is for someone who never saw themselves as paternal. I’ve done a lot of things for the first time this week. It’s pretty awesome. Now, I think it’s time for a nappy change!

REVIEW: CCIE RS v5 certification guide ROUGH CUT

SPARK : CCIE RS v5 certification guide ROUGH CUT I am currently working on my CCIEv5 RS. The new blueprint change has added some good new information and removed obsolete technologies from the test. The rough cut of the new CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide v1 5e book (which at this stage has chapters missing) appeared on Safari Books recently. This was great for me as my workplace provides me a subscription. Written by the ever so smart Narbik Kocharians this book takes the certification series to the next level. I thought I would post my thoughts on it so far. Writing style Narbik has a legacy around how much he knows. He can recite all sorts of technology details and is big on what he terms ‘chalk talks’. These ‘chalk talks’ are deep dives into a technology leave no stone unturned into why the technology we … Continue reading

CISCO VIRL : Terminal Multiplexing

Cisco VIRL : Terminal Mutliplexing There is a built-in console with VIRL. It allows access to the CLI of the network devices that you deploy so you can administer them. In previous build there were some clicky click features. Due to the dynamic shared nature of VIRL when you deploy a topology there are large number of ports in a pool it chooses from. If you are constantly changing, restarting, deploying or tweaking your VIRL platform these ports can change quite a bit. Previously you had to individually open each console and type telnet : from your or right-click on each router and open a terminal in VM Maestro. If you have a large topology this can be frustrating. Let alone the fact you miss out on great features like SecureCRT’s send to all tabs. It is great for running show ip route eigrp on all ten tabs at once! … Continue reading

Cisco 2014 Midyear Security report

  Cisco 2014 Midyear Security Report Cisco released an interesting Security Report during the week. Based on the largest set of data and telemetry available from their network of top customers and sensors they have published a paper recently that looks to provide security insights. It’s bigger on the inside The report is quite extensive. Whilst only a mid year report it covers quite a comprehensive list of threats. Spam Malware Phising Heartbleed NTP Amplication attacks WordPress exploits and more There is plenty of supporting information explaining how some of these exploits occur. Reading about the NTP amplication through MONLIST is very interesting. Targets of 2014 What was interesting to me was the target of some of these attacks. I thought it would be financials and hosting providers that would have that their infrastructure targeted and penetrated the most. It was very surprising to read that more frightening targets were … Continue reading

CCIE Study: My study approach for the CCIE

My study method Approach It is well-known with the content on this blog that I am still working toward my CCIE. With that you need a structured approach. This isn’t a walk in the park and understanding the path ahead is important. There is something my old man shared with me and it is known as the ‘Six P’s’. Prior Preparations Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Blueprint The blueprint is important to understand. Knowing what to study and what information to get out is very important. With that said I have created a Numbers spreadsheet. This spreadsheet allows me to track what topics I have studied against the blueprint and what assets I used to learn the topic. This keeps a matrix of good information and material for the blueprint. Process I currently work in a cyclical fashion which works rather well for me. I have a few steps in my … Continue reading