SPARK: VXLAN ARP Supression by @dkalintsev

Dmitri is a Solution Architect within the NSBU at VMware. I am very lucky to have him within my office so I can annoy the heck out of him. He is an exceptionally talented person who gets it at the big picture and can drill down into the minutiae. He just published a very detailed post over on his blog about how NSX performs ARP suppression. It gives a good insight into what the controller does in Unicast mode and some great commands to troubleshoot. If you don’t follow him then please do!  

Improving image workflows

I put a lot of images into my blog or presentations. I do not like to be wordy. Sometimes I spend a lot of time cleaning them up and getting rid of backgrounds. Time to clean them up a faster way that will make the OCD in you happy. Take a source image like this Docker Whale for example. Bring it into OSX Keynote. Here we can use the instant alpha feature inside keynote. This lets you select a color and mask it out of the image. In this case, I select and drag the radius the color is sampled. It then highlights in an aquamarine color the areas it will mask. It is located under Format > Image > Instant Alpha Release the mouse and instantly the color is hidden. No more zooming in and erasing only to make a mistake and having to undo a whole section. Let … Continue reading

SPARK: NSX-mh Design Guide

Over on the community portal there has be a 4.2 release of the NSX-mh design guide. It gives administrators of NSX-mh an understanding into the design and configuration considerations around the latest version. It includes recommendations about virtual service nodes, gateways, ToR integration, OVSDB compatibility and more. It highlights the key differences between MH and V and speaks to its differentiators and shows how they can be used in a large NFV deployment. The link to this Design Guide can be found here.

REVIEW: 1password

The big bad wolf In this day and age it is hard to know what is happening with your online identity. It seems that each week there is a new report of a password leak, a database being stolen with a recurring theme. Passwords were unencrypted or not salted and hashed. This exposes thousands and sometimes millions of users. Whilst this is annoying and painful the real danger lies in us. Many people seem to use one or two passwords for nearly all their services. We have over 30-50 accounts for online services on average and with a simple breach of one the domino effect begins. Facebook, twitter, iCloud, banking, blog logins, grocery sites, email. Your digital life, everything about you hinges on one password. Pretty scary. There are many steps you can take to enforce passwords. There are many ways to ensure that you use a different password of … Continue reading